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Tuesday       October 17, 2017

     I have suddenly been thrown into a state of being that all my life I have never seriously thought about nor had  to deal with and it's totally related to my age.   I don't really "feel my age", but as "Nature" blessed my body at birth, "Father Time" has begun "taking things back" !!   I can do nothing much about these age-related changes, but I certainly do not have to like them !  So be it.   It's time now to re-direct the course of my existence and overcome these difficulties, adapt to new and hopefully better things, and  improvise new methods of dealing with everything.   It's my Sciatic nerve which is apparently affecting my leg making it weaker than the other one, making it feel rather numb, especially in the foot, and causing the nightly pains which truly are quite difficult to bear and endure.   I will discuss all of this with my NP/PA in four days and then I will insist on better and stronger medications along with particular treatments for the problem including an injection which I have learned may be a solution.   I don't think any surgery will be required {if it is and they have to amputate the leg then  I'll have to learn a new way of hiking !!!} but I am holding off on any physical therapy unless I can discover some exercises on the internet.   Great Caesar's Ghost !!!   It's an arduous task that lies ahead of me, but I will survive and come out in  good shape for I have many items on my bucket list to cross off !   G'day to all !